Does your protective clothing perform even after 50 industrial laundry washes at 75° C?

Although your workwear might be suitable for domestic washing but not all Industrial protective clothing are washed under domestic conditions.

Traditionally the only internationally recognized test method for washing of protective clothing was ISO 6330:2000 (amended in 2008 & then in 2012), domestic scale washing at a temperature of 60° C for woven fabrics and at 40° C for the knitted fabrics. However, this has changed now. The protective clothing is now put to severe washing conditions under the Industrial laundry.

ISO 15797:2002 (amended once in 2004) is an international standard which enables the user to evaluate whether the garment in question will withstand tough and high temperature washing procedures from 75⁰ C to 85⁰ C and high drying temperatures from 90° C to 155⁰ C. The tough industrial laundry can severely damage and reduce the wear life of the protective clothing.

ISO 15797 standard considers eight representative washing procedures and two drying procedures for various qualities of protective clothing. The washing procedures are different for:

  • Cotton, polyester/cotton, or cotton/polyester fabrics
  • White, sensitive coloured or coloured workwear

Tarasafe® offers a range of Flame retardant protective clothing that are Industrially Launderable.  These products meet the requirements of International standards for protection against Flame & heat like EN ISO 11612 even molten metal splash after 50 Industrial Laundries at 75⁰ C. To have a better control on the quality, Tarasafe has set-up an in-house facility for Industrial Laundering and testing as per ISO 15797.



One of our European customer has tested our garments upto 68 Industrial washes & have sent lot of appreciation for the quality & workmanship. Few pictures sent by the customer after 68 Industrial washes to show the look of the garment.

Please find below the result of industrial laundry washing of our Jacket (260 gsm fabric) after 25 washes

Overall result: excellent


Washing temperature: 60° C

Tunnel finisher speed: 500 pcs/h

Detergents: CHT

Garment portion tested Before washing measurement 1x 2x 3x 4x 5x
back length 72 71 71 71 71 71
½ width 47 46 46 46 46 46
sleeve length 64 63 63 63 63 63

Almost no shrinkage, no bleeding out of colours, intensive colours after 5 washes. Very nice wearing comfort after finishing. Perfectly suitable for tunnel finisher.

Remarks of Production Manager, Laundry:  Tarasafe has supplied an excellent product!


The coverall in the picture was professionally washed 25 times by our North American customer. They are very happy with the product.

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