Arc Flash Protection and Flame Resistant Clothing
Arc Flash October – 2 events, 2 geographies, 1 mission

October end was an exciting time for all of us at TaraSafe with 2 important Arc Flash & Flame Resistant Clothing events packed within a span of 10 days in 2 of the most buzzing economies of the world.

1. NSC Congress & Expo
(Oct 22-24) at Houston, Texas

It was our 2nd year at the NSC Expo. We were overwhelmed by the amazing response we got to our latest collection of UL Certified NFPA 2112 products specifically designed for the American market.  The Flame Resistant and Arc Flash PPE market has seen a vast change in the last 10 years. Wearer comfort has taken center stage along with protection.  The new collection was created with ergonomic design features and with options of a wide range of fabrics suited for different end uses, which was widely appreciated by our customers at the Expo.
We would like to thank all the visitors for their valuable time, the NSC team for continued support from the beginning till the end of the event.  We look forward to our participation next year.

2. ABB ESC Annual Workshop, China
(Oct 29-30) at Beijing, China

It was an enriching experience at the ABB ESC Annual Workshop with the Electrical Safety Champions of ABB from across China attending the event.  Spread over 2 days, there were a lot sessions, primarily covering the different aspects of electrical safety.  Even we had a session about our range of Arc Flash Garments.    It was nice to see some active participation from the crowd which saw the 45 minute planned schedule extending by another 45 minutes.  There were some interesting questions about the safety norms but most queries were around garment maintenance, laundering and repair of Arc Flash Clothing.
Our sincere thanks to ABB China and specifically to Mr. Lawrence Yang, Country HSE Specialist & Country ESC, ABB China for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this event.

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